The 2018-19 Student Alumni Executive Board



Lindy Clegg - President

Lindy Clegg is a Senior from Hyde Park, Utah studying Family Life with an Emphasis in Human Development and Minor in Gerontology. She loves working with the elderly and finds great joy in doing so. Since she returned from her mission to Chiclayo, Peru she's been involved with Student Alumni and has loved every second of it. Her deep love for BYU and making connections across generations is something she treasures and is excited to continue her work for Student Alumni. She also enjoys the outdoors, slalom and snow skiing and organizing parties of all sorts. 


Quincey Hettinger - Vice President, Traditions

Quincey Hettinger is a junior from San Diego, California. She is a pre-business management major with a minor in Spanish. She served a mission in New Jersey where she gained an appreciation for Colombian bread, Hispanic culture, and service. Volunteering with Student Alumni has given her opportunities to develop leadership skills and eat cupcakes with Cosmo. On the Executive Board, Quincey will promote service, building meaningful relationships and understanding the Spirit of the Y. When not running or playing soccer, you can find Quincey playing the piano or making biscuits.



Dallin Hatch - Vice President, Professional Development

Dallin Hatch is a junior from Lindon, UT majoring in Human Resource Management. He enjoys exploring all things outdoors, playing and watching sports, and participating in music and the arts. He feels spoiled to be so close to home and family especially since two siblings and many cousins attend school here with him. He is passionate about individual and organizational development and believes BYU has the best resources to cultivate both. He consistently finds himself surrounded by greatness here at BYU and is excited to help students and alumni stay Connected for Good. 


Corbin Short - Vice President, Philanthropy

Corbin Short is a sophomore from Houston, Texas intending to study Accounting and minor in Psychology from an industrial-organizational angle. In his spare time, he enjoys boating, backpacking, mowing the occasional lawn, and doing anything to the sounds of trance music. Corbin served an LDS mission in South Wales and in the Midlands of the United Kingdom and has also spent some time with start-up businesses and assisting those with autism. Through these experiences, he developed a passion for organization, vision-based leadership, and the principle of philanthropy. This explains his excitement about the mission of Student Alumni. After graduation, Corbin hopes to eventually make a difference through the field of leadership consulting.



Patrick Bruce - Vice President, Publicity

Patrick Bruce is a junior from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma studying Finance. Patrick served an LDS mission in Sendai, Japan where he learned much about gratefulness and resiliency, especially from those people affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Patrick is the first BYU Cougar in his family and has made many great memories through his involvement with Student Alumni. He loves to share the vision and mission of Student Alumni with everyone he meets! When he is not busy with school Patrick enjoys drumming, playing basketball, hiking, and cheering on his hometown Oklahoma City Thunder! 


Elli Kennedy - Vice President, Outreach

Elli Kennedy is a senior from Bayfield, Colorado studying Human Development with a minor in Non-Profit Management. After serving a mission in Washington DC, she grew to have a deep love for people all over the globe as she saw first-hand the power in connection and compassion. She is passionate about the mission of Student Alumni because it bridges the gap between hundreds of different people with one thing in common, a love for BYU and its purpose. In her free time, it’s common to find Elli in the garden, in the mountains or trying a new restaurant while catching up with old friends.