The 2019-2020 Student Alumni Executive Board



Quincey Hettinger - President

I am a senior from San Diego, CA, studying Global Supply Chain Management and Spanish. I served a mission in New Jersey where I gained an appreciation for Hispanic culture, Colombian bread, and service. I enjoy running, playing the piano, and making biscuits in my free time. I love working with BYU Student Alumni because it has allowed me to connect with amazing alumni, build meaningful relationships with other students, and understand the Spirit of the Y.

Kaija Willey - VP, Traditions

I am a sophomore from Farmington, UT studying Global Supply Chain Management. After years of hearing my name mispronounced, I’d like to take this opportunity to ease your mind and share that the “j” is pronounced like a “y” (KY-YUH). I transferred to BYU after a mission in Cleveland, OH and quickly learned of BYU’s deep-rooted traditions. My passion for impromptu service and one-on-one connections gives me great fulfillment and excites me for the year ahead interacting with students across campus. I enjoy the performing arts, early morning runs, and indulging in the occasional pistachio ice cream cone.


Hannah Truman - VP, Connections

I am a Family Studies major. I believe the world can be fixed one family at a time and by drinking BYU Cookies and Cream chocolate milk. I love BYU’s atmosphere and feel empowered when given opportunities to serve and connect with my fellow students. The Spirit of the Y extends throughout the entire world, and BYU Student Alumni gives me and other students opportunities to connect to our wider network of BYU lovers and become better disciples of Christ. I believe we become the best kind of student when we embrace learning through service and optimism.

Abby McCrary - VP, Philanthropy

I am from Colorado Springs, CO. It was always my dream to come to BYU. In high school, I got a concussion and forgot 4 months of my life. A big concern during that confusing time was my math grade. I was told I received a B, and I began to cry thinking I would never make it into BYU. Thankfully I did and am now studying economics and business. I am passionate about real estate and would love to be a custom home developer. I’m a certified instructor and am fluent in German. I am forever grateful for BYU. GO COUGS! 



Max Andersen - VP, Publicity

I study Global Supply Chain Management and previously worked in the MTC teaching Spanish. I support aims and vision of BYU Student Alumni because service and teamwork have helped me to have a more meaningful experience as a BYU student. I enjoy athletics, spending time with my family, and cooking.

Bryton Wood - VP, Outreach

I am majoring in European Studies with minors in Global Business and Russian. As a youth, I would stroll the fairways of the local golf course pondering the purpose of the universe and the solutions to life’s troubles. I decided the key to life is to be optimistic, work hard, and make connections. When I heard about Student Alumni and its mission, I was all in. I especially enjoy connecting BYU students and Alumni worldwide for good. My career goals consist of consulting and taking Utah businesses abroad. My ultimate dream would be to help establish BYU Institutions on other continents.