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Valley United Against Hunger

Cosmo and Willy together with some college kids promoting the donation of food.

For more than 20 years, BYU Student Alumni has sponsored the largest food drive in Utah County. In 2012, BYU teamed up with Utah Valley University to collect food and monetary donations for those in our community living in hunger. We’re still doing it, so please participate!

Throughout November, you can1) drop off non-perishable food in bins across campus,2) donate money at the BYU Store, Cougareat, or Creameries, or3) donate online or at various events happening across campus.

All donations go to Community Action Services , who can use their leverage to turn each dollar donated into 3 meals or 15 pounds of food!

The Valley United Against Hunger Food Drive, a joint BYU-UVU effort to provide immediate relief for hungry kids and families, makes a difference to a serious local need. One of every six children in Utah County is food insecure, which means he or she does not know where the next meal is coming from. With nearly 80,000 people in the county at or below the federal poverty level, a housing crunch that has left many homeless and put others at risk of losing their shelter, and a third of the county’s children qualifying for free or reduced lunch, the need for the most basic food items to prevent hunger is enormous. When the economy is poor, the situation is even worse.

Thanks to caring students and alumni, the BYU-UVU food drive has helped to raise nearly $50K annually, the equivalent of 10 weeks of 1700 nutrition packs put each Friday into the backpacks of kids who go home to a weekend of empty cupboards.

Hunger in children and families has serious repercussions beyond the trauma of being hungry and insecure. Hungry kids have poorer health and struggle at school. Former Community Action food bank manager Dave Smith says that, “according to studies by the Brookings Institution and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, children who are not able to achieve grade level competency have higher dropout rates and cost the economy some $600 billion in lost productivity.” Timely food aid can shape the long-term future of Utah children and families starting today!

Want to Volunteer at the events? Sign up on our Volunteer Sheet to help out at any (or all) of the events!