Who We Are

BYU Student Alumni Association is about bridging the gaps. Our aim is to make the BYU Experience well-rounded -- thinking and continuing beyond our academic experience by connecting with and creating opportunities between students and alumni.

Becoming Leaders

We believe that an important part of the BYU experience is learning how to be a leader in the present and the future. So, want to develop leadership skills? Click here. (Right now, you won't regret it.)

Finding Mentors

We see the value in helping students make meaningful connections with BYU Alumni. So, we're here to help you do that. Want to connect with a scientist, photographer, dentist, lawyer, professional cookie baker? You know you do. Click here.

Serving Your Community

We help students give back to the BYU community while here, as well as in the future through various events and year-round programs. Want to start giving back? You totally should. Click here.

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