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Light The Y

#LightTheY is a series of daily challenges for students and alumni to participate in that aim at connecting the BYU community for good, spreading positivity throughout the community, and serving others.

Since it is not possible for us to all physically hike and light the Y together this year, we invite you to #LightTheY by participating in our daily challenges throughout the week. We will be holding daily prize giveaways for BYU merch as well as an AirPods Pro giveaway at the end of the week. See the prize giveaway page for more information on how to enter both giveaways.

Highlight something you love about BYU | Learn a BYU dance
Make someone's day better with an act of service | Share a favorite thought from #BYUDevo
Take time to thank someone who has helped you | Share something you learned from BYU you are grateful for
Learn about BYU's history | Watch a devotional from the year you were born
REP THE Y | Create a BYU Connect account | Zoom game night
Watch the BYU Game | Make BYU-themed treats | Post a video of you singing the BYU fight song

Feel free to use the following materials to share the challenges and activity ideas!


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